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A new home!

We built and moved into our new home in 2017 so have now been here for just over a year!  I really cannot believe it, but am excited to FINALLY share all of the projects and decor decisions along the way.  We came out strong knocking projects out lefts and right, but have been in a decorating lull for a bit now.   I hope to pick back up very soon!

The first room we tackled was our office/library.  This room had the perfect nook to add some built ins.   I found my inspiration online at and away we went!

So far, I am unable to find a picture of the room completely empty before we moved in, not sure what I was thinking there, but it was 4 plain white walls with a nook and windows.  We wanted to get going on the built ins because that was going to be a big focal point in the room.  First step was to plank the nook wall.  I wanted the color of the planks to be perfect and our first attempt was to buy some pre-made, pre-stained planks from Lowe’s.  While they were super cool and it would have saved tons of time, it wasn’t the exact look I was going for per my aforementioned inspiration, hence they were returned to the store.  We ultimately decided to buy all the wood and cut each piece at different lengths and stagger them.  What my husband did do however, was copy the length pattern for each of the pre-made planks we had bought.  As for the stain color that I went with,  I ended up using about 5 different stains/colors to also include an Annie Sloan dark wax and Old White chalk paint.   I used some scraps to get the color just right and down I sat to begin staining each piece of wood, one at a time!  I can’t say the redundancy of it was a blast, but I knew the outcome would be worth every stroke of my brush!  Here are the progressive pics of the planks going up (that I believe happened over about a 3 week period) into the nook in the office/library for the built ins.



Now to the built ins…my dad had to help my husband a little bit with the exact design of the shelves since some of the elements were trickier like blending into the crown molding and baseboards, etc  and then off he went!



Now that all shelves are in place, it was time to put in the verticals.



While we were knocking out the built in shelves, I was working on the other parts and pieces of the room.  I had an additional vision of hanging lanterns on the back wall behind the desk, so I searched high and low for these and finally found some I liked at At Home even though I needed to spray paint the tops bronze to go with our decor.  I then found the material for the curtains I wanted from my inspiration room mentioned above at  I found it online at Joanne Fabric.   I also found and ordered the mint green wooden chairs to go in front of the desk as well as the rug at  I was well on my way to having the room EXACTLY how I wanted it!!!!


Next step, hire a curtain maker!  I found a local highly recommended curtain maker and called her up immediately to come measure and whisk my material away to make the long flowing curtains to hang in the office/library.  She wasn’t able to come for a few weeks, and I patiently awaited her arrival to be met with some disappointing news.  She takes all the measurements and says to me, you didn’t order enough material, can you order some more?  GASP!  I felt I remembered there being none left, but I checked anyway and sure enough, there was no more of that pattern available to me .  Sooooo back to the drawing board.  With lots of googling Ikat patterns in blues etc, I FINALLY came across the ONE!   It is Vern Yip and I fell in love with it!


Now that that was settled,  I needed to land on a curtain rod.  I knew I wanted something bold, large, and robust looking with our 9 ft ceilings and the thickness of the curtain material plus the very thick room darkening liner I was having her put on them as well.   Off to google again to search for what I envisioned and I found this pretty quickly at

Now the finials, for some reason I can’t find where I purchased them and I didn’t take a pic when I first got them, but here you go!  I was ecstatic about how it came together!


So to recap, at this point, the built in shelves were complete and decorated, lantern tops spray painted bronze and hung (my dad made these functioning lanterns with light and tied the electrical work into the garage), mint green chairs present, curtains made and hung,  rug down,  and charcoal gray desk chair now present.



Neeeeeeeeeeeext, paint!!!!  I had in my head that I was going to go with the color Dix Blue by Farrow & Ball that was vintage blue with a large dose of green in it, but the cost of this paint I just couldn’t justify and Home Depot did not have it in their system to be able to copy AND when I painted it on the wall, I wasn’t 100% sold.  I really wanted an overall vintage feel with a blue green hue.  Off to google I went and uncovered many colors, but after doing swatches on the wall, I literally chose one called “Green Meets Blue”.  It was perfect and I was happy!



Once I got the walls painted, I focused on redoing the desk. The finished product is here, but more about the desk will be in another post.


I hope you enjoy!




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