About Me

I am Angel and I’m so excited to finally take a stab at blogging!   I’m a simple gal really that chose to leave my career and stay at home to raise my kids.  Additionally, I have chosen to homeschool my youngest two.  My days can be VERY long and my life VERY messy (not to mention my home) to say the least; however, I would like to think that somewhere in the stars, it’s really a neat mess perfectly aligned by God. 😊 I’m so grateful to God for this life and do not take one second for granted.  I try to always see the positive in the mess and have faith in the most trying times and to just be silly and make the best of the mess!  My goal with this blog is to just share anything and everything from my messy life.   If it lends a smile to someone or strength or encouragement or you have any take away at all, I will feel accomplished!  Thank you for visiting and please let me know if there are particular topics you would love to hear more about!