You never know…

Always, always remember you never know what someone else is going through. How many times a day do people say hey, how are you and it’s just something to say? How would people react if we answered honestly? How many people do we talk to really care about us and our well being? Would we be considered a pessimist or labeled as being a depressed person if our season of sad went on too long? Would people want to be around that person? As I have gotten older and seen just how unkind others can be, it has made me work harder to be kind and fair to everyone I meet without judgment. I try to be as inclusive as possible without compromising my safety or values. Love your families, spend time with one another, hug each other, and embrace this life to the fullest! Our busy sometimes gets in the way of things that matter most. We were created out of love and it’s this love that needs to be spread.

All of those out there, who feel lonely, are really weighing on my heart today. I pray for this group of people that God sends them extra hugs and that love we all crave! Give them a sense of hope!

Happy Sunday y’all!

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